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XRGO Chill

SKU: mbsx9_lc
2.00 LBS
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    The XRGO (`zur-go) CHILL


    Rest your laptop upon the smooth machined-aluminum surface of the XRGO CHILL. Slip-free silicone matting holds your laptop in place as two ultra-quiet cooling fans blow fresh, cold air to the underside of the laptop; while at the same time exhausting hot air away from it. The angled, elevated design features cable management, a convenient side jogwheel control for fan speed and illumination, two USB charging ports, and an extendable back bracket for up-and-down viewing angle adjustment.

    The Coolest Stand Money Can Buy


    • Advanced Heat Dissipation and Ventilation
    • Smooth machined-aluminum surface plate with slip-free silicone pads
    • Compatible with all PC and Mac Laptops
    • Cable management and Angle-adjustment
    • Two USB charger ports
    • Two 5" fans with dimmable LED illumination lighting


    General Features:

    • XRGO CHILL (MBSX9) Aluminum Cooling Platform for Laptops
    • Smart design accommodates effortless cable management and angle-adjustment
    • Two USB ports for convenient charging of your phone and other devices
    • Two 5" fans direct fresh, cool air evenly onto your laptop, while drawing hot air away from it
    • Cool blue dimmable LED illumination
    • Control fan speed and illumination intensity with convenient side jogwheel
    • Slip-free silicone matting holds your device in place and prevents sliding
    • Adjustable back spring to improve the viewing angle of the stand up-and-down to alleviate pressure on your neck from looking down at your device for periods of time
    • Lightweight and Portable: No larger than the average laptop. Makes for effortless travel and a quick commute to the office, to class, or just to the living room!
    • Sleek, balanced platform with attractive machined-aluminum finish fits seamlessly with Apple Macbooks
    • Compatible with all PC Laptops and Macbook, MB Air, and MB Pro


    Product specifics:

    • Color: Space Grey
    • Item weight: 2 lb (0.91 kg)
    • Dimensions: 14" (35.56cm)W x 9.5" (24.13cm)D x 2" (5.1cm)H
    • Authorized Internet Dealer


    As a laptop user, you are no stranger to the substantial amount of heat produced by your device. It’s a simple truth: the harder your computer works, the more heat it will generate. This is especially problematic in laptops due to their compact and portable design. They allow less airflow and cram the internal components significantly closer together than a traditional desktop computer. It is also likely that you’ve experienced strain and fatigue from a suboptimal viewing angle and flat typing surface. There are only so many positions you can achieve by tilting your screen, and propping your device up for a typing angle can block air vents or leave the laptop unstable and at risk of sliding off. 

    Have you ever noticed your fan roar to full speed in a desperate attempt to cool down your CPU, or perhaps you’ve experienced the discomfort of heat radiating onto your legs while surfing the web from your couch. Did you also know that your processor has the ability to ‘down clock’, or slow itself down the hotter it gets? It’s possible that you have been experiencing decreased system performance due to high temperatures without even realizing it. These problems only escalate during system load, extended periods of use and while operating under high ambient (room) temperatures. A laptop cooler is an elegant solution to all of these problems, and the wide variety of available coolers will allow you to select one that suites your purpose, fits your budget and compliments the aesthetics of your device.

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