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SKU: mbsxt2_lc
1.50 LBS
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    The XRGO (`zur-go) Tilt: A Recliner For Your Laptop, Tablet, or Notebook

    A laptop stand with broad viewing-angle adjustment and an eye-catching, backless aluminum design. The modern brushed Silver-matte finish is a compliment of high-grade aluminum construction, providing the XRGO MBSXT2 a sheer, metalline look, comparable to that of popular MacBook models.

    The brand-new XRGO MBSXT2 ergonomic laptop stand features an adjustable back bracket allowing you to adjust the viewing angle of the stand up-and-down to alleviate pressure on your neck resulting from looking down at your device for periods of time.

    The precision locking spine keeps the stand rigid at any angle while the generous use of slip-free padding prevents your device from slipping off the viewing surface.

    A Beautiful Stand, Tailored For the Reader- and Your Neck Will Thank You.

    • Ergonomic, supports improved reading posture
    • Thoughtfully crafted from durable aluminum alloy
    • Folding, ultra-portable design for the on-the-go consumer
    • Slip-free silicone matting holds your device in place
    • Open-back allows for more efficient cooling of your device

    General Features:

    • Portable Recliner-wedge Laptop Stand with Reading-angle Adjustment and Tilt Control
    • Ergonomic structure supports improved reading posture
    • Ease neck and back fatigues by eliminating uncomfortable angles while you read and type
    • Foldable, lightweight stand collapses to laptop-size in seconds; for effortless travel and a quick commute to the office, to class, or just to the living room!
    • Lightweight, all-in-one design assures that wherever it goes, it will make it there in one piece
    • Precision locking spine keeps the stand rigid at any angle
    • Slip-free silicone matting holds your device in place
    • Tailored to provide multiple viewing angles up-and-down
    • Uninhibited ventilation through the minimalist, open-back design
    • Modern, attractive features fit seamlessly in your every situation
    • Anodized aluminum matches Apple Macbooks
    • Compatible with all MacBook, Surface, Chromebook and Gaming Laptops (Up to 17.3 inch)

    Product specifics:

    • Color: Brushed Silver-matte finish
    • Item weight: 1.5 lbs 
    • Dimensions: "9.25 x "9 x "0.25
    • Authorized Internet Dealer

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